Friday, 29 July 2011

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Our first oficial story

Now im just going to give you a link to Creapy+Pasta
Which reminds me, This is, in fact, a creepy pasta site, it would be appreciated if you add stories.
This will hopefully get you hooked on this site, I will take E-mails, but you will have to post, you do not need confirmation, please only post stories, just as a guidline

Welcome To Awesome Horror Stories

Welcome, I am Forsaken Parallel, I Invite each one you to make your own, or forward anothers, horror story, or video game conspiracy ( by which I mean the fallout 3 number station, and the call of duty zombies storyline, just as examples) and post it, I will post each weeks best story on Fridays(BTW this my opinion, not yours, but comments are appreciated) , if I do not it means I am out of town, and I DO NOT WANT ANY RETARDED STORIES, only good stories please (This would be your opinion in use). Because I am Just starting this up you should first visit to see what they have, and maybe it will inspire you, video game stories are excepted (any video game), I will comment on all stories that I do read, and If you have any questions, ask them in comments. Enjoy

P.S If you have funny stories I will make another blog for them.